Moms vs. Dads: Rule the House Twitter Party

Rule the House Twitter PartyWhen Holly Pavlika asked me to join her and the Mom-entum community to participate in a twitter party, I jumped at the chance.  First of all, I’d follow Holly anywhere.  She’s a social media diva.  For another thing, it’s called the #MomsRule vs #DadsRule Twitter Party to #RuletheHouse.  How could I resist this opportunity?  Lastly, I was honored to be asked to join to talk about a subject I care deeply about – the difference between the sexes.

You may not know this about me, but I am a big feminist.  The funny thing is that I’ve been married 10 years, and my husband just found that out about me! Yes, sad but true.  As even steven are things are in my house…some of the time…sometimes we agree to disagree and vice versa.  When it comes to domestics, parenting, food, discipline, education, work, sleep, dealing with emergencies and more, we can certainly disagree.  I rarely talk about it on this blog or anywhere online.  My husband is very private and has forbid me to, basically.

But this Friday night, I am going to be vocal.  I’m joining Momentum for a BIG Twitter Party called “Rule the House” at 9pm EST.  Dads (and moms)  will come weigh in on the debate with topics about who performs what duties better, who can take charge the quickest, and which side really “rules the house”. It would turn into a serious debate, or there might be a lot of bickering and screaming.

Follow the #RuleTheHouse hashtag and either #MomRules or #DadRules, depending on which one you may be, and follow @hollypavlika, as well as all the party hosts for the Rule the House party!

The great group of moms includes:

Kelly Loubet, @Childhood
Holly Rosen Fink, @theculturemom (me, of course)
Kelli Catana, @kellidaisy
Tracie Wagman, @Helpwevegotkids
Mara Shapiro, @ChickyMara
Michelle Kay, @thedomesticexec

And the daring dads are:

Collins Batchelor, @CollinsBat
Yours Truly, @TheDaddyYoDude
Jeff Bogle, @OWTK
Tshaka Armstong, @Tshaka_zulu
Vincent Daly, @CuteMonsterDad
Joe B, @ManvDadhood

Please join us on Twitter this Friday at 9pm EST for the “Rule the House” brought to you by Momentum. There will be prizes given out throughout the party.   Check out the “Rule the House” Facebook page for more information and the legal terms and conditions.

Disclosure: I am not being compensated to co-host this party and all opinions expressed are my own.



  1. I plan to attend – yay!

  2. Wow! This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! I will definitely try and join you guys!

  3. VegasStephica says:

    I’ll be there, sounds like fun!

  4. Barbara Haley says:

    Im going to love this disscussion #momrules


  5. Petritia selvi (@petritiasylves) says:

    looking forward to it

    thanks for the fun party